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Why switch your Enterprise business from Big Commerce to Shopify Plus?

There is a significant pattern emerging in the usage of enterprise Ecommerce software. Among the top enterprise Ecommerce platforms, most businesses tend to either choose Big Commerce or Shopify Plus. However, recently, various enterprise businesses are switching from Big Commerce to Shopify Plus.

To understand this, it is essential to conduct an enterprise Ecommerce comparison between Big Commerce vs Shopify Plus.

Enterprise Ecommerce platform comparison: Big commerce vs Shopify

Here are some of the factors that are significantly different in Shopify plus vs big commerce enterprise.


An enterprise-level business requires scalable solutions. While companies on Big Commerce achieve a growth of 28 percent per annum, Shopify Plus has the power to ensure the growth of 126 percent per annum to each of its merchants. While Big Commerce sells into 150 countries, Shopify Plus has reached over 175 countries. Shopify Plus is more scalable than Big Commerce because of its various payment solutions, outreach as well as page speed. At Shopify Plus, check out rates are 40 percent higher than Big Commerce. It also has unlimited bandwidth which allows the platform to bear increased traffic easily. Due to the high growth and ability to deliver high volume, Shopify Plus is more scalable and flexible than Big Commerce.


In a world where everyone is delivering standard solutions, you must stand out by offering something different. For this, you need a platform that provides high customization. And Shopify is clearly one of them. This is why it is better to switch from Big Commerce to Shopify Plus as well.

This doesn’t mean that Big Commerce doesn’t offer customization. In fact, the platform has a framework in place that allows for the creation of engaging and intuitive storefronts. Brands can change their stores without the need to alter any codes.

However, the extent of customization along with the quality offered is not the same as Shopify Plus. Here, all you need to do is get a basic knowledge of HTML, Liquid and CSS and voila you will be able to build your store from scratch. The fact that Shopify has an extensive range of themes also helps its case.

Whether it be altering the shopping carts or the checkout process, Shopify plus lets you do it all without incurring additional attendant expenses.


Due to the scalability and customization offered, Shopify has managed to become a favourite of many enterprise solutions. Give it a try to benefit from it.

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